Flexibility Makes Working Fun

It will be 10 years this July since I graduated from university and my working career officially started by temping with Peach. Thanks to them, my administrative, ICT and presentational skills are much more honed for the working world, as I have been assigned various roles that have made me grow from a geeky academic (which I still like to believe that part of me still is) to a thorough professional.

For instance, when Peach asked me to work in a back office for a bank, (back in 2006), I said "yes, why not?" I knew this was going to be different (I am a journalism graduate, more of a wordsmith than an accountant to say the least), but that is where the challenge lies. This is what makes working life so exciting! The assignment was meant for three weeks, but I ended up staying there for nine months.

The way I see it is, you could be adamant and stick to the career ambition you have, waiting for that dream job to knock on your door (which does happen, but rarely), or you could stretch yourself as far as possible and put every skill that you have to good use – attain professional growth as well as bringing in the bacon, of course!

If there is one lesson that temping has taught me is that making yourself as professionally flexible as possible is vital for lasting long in these fiercely competitive times.

Kina Bhattacharjee

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