Chances are you’ve arrived at this page because you’ve been recommended to us.

We have built up a loyal client and candidate base covering Berkshire and West London over our 30 years in business and whether it’s because we filled their vacancy, or got them a job, most of them are pretty vocal about Peach and do our talking for us. Funnily enough even those who we haven’t helped often recommend us because we’ve simply treated them like a human being. Although recruitment is a serious business that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with personality and humour.

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All of us like to keep things straightforward and this means focusing on you, what you want and when you want it.

There's no such thing as the perfect candidate – life just isn't like that – there's always a compromise and by getting to know you well we can work out what that is. But there's always something whether it's skill set, salary, experience, availability and so on.

That's why we meet with every client. It's not that we don't embrace technology or want to make lives easier for everyone, it's simply that we don't believe you can build a relationship and trust and understanding purely over the phone or via email. That way there's no misunderstandings, no time wasting and most of the time we get it right.

If you look at what we've written on the Candidate page it's pretty much the same – that's because we just want to treat everyone the way we'd want to be treated ourselves, whoever they are, whatever they do.