Your Admin Recruitment

Your Business Family

Peach often feels like a family more than a business, and this is because of our welcoming team. As a business, we know it is absolutely imperative that you receive the highest quality candidates for your administration role. 
As a highly qualified and expertly skilled administration recruitment agency, Peach promises not only to find you candidates, but the candidates that are sure to excel. 
We have confidence in our abilities to complete your business family.  Although admin recruitment is no easy task, with our extensive years in understanding the market, candidates and clients, we are sure to find you the best and brightest for your admin role. 

Attracting Candidates

We are dedicated to our administration recruitment service and proud to be so. So when it comes to candidates, only the most suitable will do. 
We attract candidates through recommendations made to us from other clients and candidates themselves; if necessary we will advertise on job boards and databases but regardless of how we discover a candidate, we will always have a preliminary meeting and interview before they are presented to your business. 

Why Peach?

Take a look for yourselves! You will find lots of positive feedback on our Clients Page that has been submitted by happy clients. We like to keep things straight forward and to the point. Peach are honest, committed and not afraid to compromise. We know the perfect candidate is simply impractical, but we will find the closest person to it. 
We embrace each skill and experience and cater to the job specs given to us, meeting every client and ensuring no miscommunication between us and candidates. If you are still unsure; why not get in contact with us to help answer any questions and put your mind at ease.