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Customer Service Candidates

Specialists In Our Field

As an independent recruitment consultancy, we are hugely competent at what we do. Offering impeccable service and care in our selective customer service recruitment, Peach provide you with carefully chosen candidates. 
We appreciate that finding the perfect candidate for any role is near on impossible, but that being said, we know just how to find those who come closest to the mark, making use of our specialists in customer services recruitment. 

Proud Responsibility

Handling a person’s career, job prospects or recruitment requirements is no easy task and one that Peach takes very seriously. We want to get it right and are passionate about doing so. We don’t believe in introducing candidates to roles to which they are ill suited; it is not only a waste of our time, but the candidates and, of course, your businesses also. 
It is this proud sense of responsibility that we take in every case of customer service recruitment that makes us an ideal recruiter and we are recommended time and time again.

Why Peach?

Peach focuses on you; the needs of the business, the suitability of potential candidates and getting the job done to beyond satisfactory level. We take the time to be completely focused and coherent when it comes to matching job specs with candidates; making the right assessments, asking the right questions and assuring quality and value. The whole process is guaranteed easy from start to finish, so why not contact us? We may just surprise you.