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Having worked with thousands of people in our many years of servicing businesses, whether it be clients or candidates, we are renowned for getting the job done and have built quite a reputation in doing so. 
As HR recruiters, this positive reputation we have built up over the years is key; putting in the additional work is not a problem for us and our consistent competence with recruitment in HR make Peach the perfect team to handle your recruitment needs.
We do not want to waste your time with unsuitable candidates, we will only send you applicants we truly believe fit your role, team, company, ethics and long term goals of the business.

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, maybe experience over practice.  After all, we have been successfully assisting businesses with HR recruiting for nearly thirty years and are happy to keep going that way!
Many of our clients have been very vocal about our services for them and we simply let them do the talking for us. We’ve learned that the simple means of treating clients and candidates as human beings is enough for us to gain a friendly, welcoming and positive reputation in the recruitment sector. 

Why Peach?

Meeting every candidate before they are presented to your business is an absolute must for Peach; by an initial assessment and pre-interview, we can judge whether that person is appropriately suited to your role; as an HR recruiter, there cannot be mistakes, so we enjoy getting to know candidates beforehand, to ensure that they are adequately suited. 
With Peach, you’ll receive a clear and honest service, dedicated to ensure a smooth process of recruitment and a straight forward way of working. If you are still unsure; why not get in contact with us to help answer any questions and put your mind at ease.