Brits work longest hours in the EU


According to Trades Union Congress (TUC) Brits are adapting a long hour’s culture. On average full-time employees work 42 hours a week, which is almost 2 hours more than the EU average.

Unfortunately this does not mean that in the UK we are more productive, with Germany working 1.8 hours less with 14.6% more productivity. Denmark completes the shortest hours but has 23.5% higher productivity.

As other Countries are adapting reduced hours with higher productivity, and a few companies in the UK also trialing this, it might not be long until this is adapted all over, although others would suggest alternative methods to help with productivity.  

A better solution could be to give employees the skills and strategies to effectively manage stress. This includes training employees to rethink and recognise the value of resilience as a tool to improve performance under pressure and simultaneously protect their wellbeing. Reducing hours could increase stress levels, as there will still be the same amount of work to do, but in less time, so the way forward could well be support and better management.


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