Snow Business

So last week in Chicago they battled on through a ‘Polar vortex’ whilst back in the UK a mere dusting of snow resulted in widespread neurosis. In America Niagara Falls froze whilst here, by lunchtime, the little snow that we had had all but disappeared. However, not before ‘Snow Days’ had been hastily booked and schools closed. It was hardly ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ – more ‘that looks a bit tricky, let’s not bother’.

Now I went to school around the same time as Dickens so the prospect of school being closed for anything other than the earth being struck by a meteor was virtually nil. Whereas now the chance of our precious ‘little ones’ sustaining any harm means we seek to eliminate risk altogether. I cannot see that anyone benefits from such protection. How can people learn how to behave in adverse conditions unless they experience these first hand?

We have developed into a Society with a ‘cotton-wool’ culture where people in positions of responsibility appear to be paralysed into always choosing the safe option. This hardly makes for a generation of risk-taking go-getters!




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