Amanda Russell


T: 01753 532500

The Worky Bit

Having been here since the beginning there's not much that I haven't turned my hand to over the years; Perms, Temps, Account Management, Accounts, Training and so on and I still dabble in these areas now and then when one of the team is off or it's really busy. I'm a recruiter at heart and essentially my job is to make sure everyone does their job – pretty straightforward most of the time to be honest and only requires the odd bit of nagging – the team may disagree with this of course…..I have to be organised and love a list or two.

Biggest satisfactions for me include seeing those around me achieve success, develop as individuals and generally being part of a pretty special team. I love the fact that people who worked with us one way or another years ago keep coming back and when candidates become clients and vice versa I know we're doing something right.

The Non-worky Bit

Two of my biggest time fillers and pleasures are cycling and gardening – if someone had told me that 10 or even 5 years ago I would have laughed, but things change don't they? Both pursuits help me switch off and I love being outside, although I'm a bit of a fair weather participator in both hobbies to be honest so that's when the spinning takes over.

I love all sport so I'm more likely to be watching a Grand Prix or a Tour of some description or the cricket than a soap which means harmony at home. I also love spending time with my friends usually accompanied by food and wine and I enjoy cooking new things. Trouble is there's never enough time for it all is there?

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