Carra Belcher

Payroll Administrator

T: 01753 532500

The Worky Bit

I joined the Peach team in 2013, originally to cover for a month and gain some experience. But they couldn’t get rid of me, winning everyone over with my amazing drinks and 'fairy-like skipping' (as Amanda would say) and taking on more and more responsibilities so I’m still here today.

Having taken Payroll over from Hannah, my role is to make sure all Temps are paid on time, every week. I love the process of payroll and knowing that at the end of each week all of our working Temps are going to be happy and can then enjoy their weekends to the fullest.

I’m also involved in all areas of accounts including credit control – we have some lovely clients so it’s great building relationships with them too. I love the variety of my job and really enjoy getting involved with lots of different things and speaking to all sorts of different people every day.

The Non-worky bit

I love being out and about so when I am not in the Peach offices, I try to go to as many places and try to do as many different things as I can. Going to as many festivals, days out, road trips and different countries as I can, because hey, we aren’t going to be young forever, as much as I’d like to believe it.

Another love of mine is animals, I have two dwarf rabbits, Blossom and Tyrion and a little black cat – they might be small but they each have their own crazy personalities to match the households.


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