Richard Russell


T: 01753 532500

The Worky Bit

I get to deal with all the things that no-one else wants to! Contracts, legislation, pensions, procurement, tenders, finance and anything that involves a spreadsheet. Occasionally I get roped into web / IT / marketing stuff but only if I can't twist Georgia's arm!

Although we are a small team I work mostly with Carra and somehow we have managed to make Accounts enjoyable or at least that's what I keep telling her.

The Non-worky Bit

Not sure if it's a good idea to admit this but I am originally from Essex but that was before being orange became fashionable.

When I was seven years old I was given a Puch 'Mini Sprint' bicycle (in British Racing Green) and the joy of being out on the road on two wheels has been with me ever since. Over the years I have dabbled with other forms of exercise, running, swimming and triathlon but being out on the bike is pretty hard to beat.

Those more observant readers among you may have spotted that I share the same surname as Amanda who I have been married to for almost as long as Peach has been going – a very long time indeed, which has, of course, flown by!

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